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Hydraulic pressure is used as part of a complex system of brakes to stop your car. As time passes, however, the hydraulic fluid within your brake system can get worn down. This would be the ideal time to have your brake fluid changed. Brake fluid doesn’t need to be changed often, but some attention on it is recommended. Many manufacturers have guidelines in their service schedule that recommend when it should be changed. In general, having your brake fluid changed every two to five years is a good idea. If you need to know when you should have your brake fluid replaced, you’ll want to check your brake fluid level consistently. This is held under the hood in a translucent container called the master cylinder. This will allow you to see the color and level of the brake fluid. If you feel it is time to change your brake fluid, it is best to leave that job to the trained professionals at Mazda Service Center in St. Louis. Changing brake fluid, if done improperly, could damage your vehicle. That’s why it’s critical to bring your vehicle to the St. Louis Mazda Service Center as soon as you can.

The simplest way to know when you need to replace your brake fluid is to view the master cylinder. If the fluid is really dark, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. The dark color means that the brake fluid collected water and it is starting to burn and boil, which will hamper its effectiveness the longer it remains. There are also other noticeable warning signs that you need new brake fluid. If the fluid is low or a lot of air is in the brake line, the brakes might feel different or even unresponsive. This could increase your stopping distance. Another sign is when your ABS light comes on. This could be a warning that your brakes aren’t at their peak and should be looked at.



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