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Charging System Inspection Service in St. Louis, MO – Mazda service center St. Louis

The charging system and battery work in tandem so your Mazda vehicle starts when you turn on the ignition. At some point you will get into your vehicle and turn the ignition only to find out it won’t start. While many jump to the conclusion that the battery is done, there’s a charging system that has to get the vehicle to start. If that system is neglected, we run the risk of getting stranded. Having your charging system inspected is important for this purpose. Many car owners feel good about checking their battery’s charge. Some are able to test the alternator’s output. Even if you do these checks yourself, the rest of the inspection is still important. A complete inspection can be beneficial down the long run to prevent you from getting stranded if one of those components fails. A faulty charging system won’t destroy your vehicle, but it will eventually leave you stranded. A faulty alternator, charger, battery or even one bad cable is enough to leave a vehicle stranded. If you don’t want to face that issue, it is ideal to have your charging system inspected every three years. The battery, however, should still be checked more often due to age.

A complete charging system inspection and the test will look at several components of your vehicle to make sure it charges and starts correctly. Tests consist of a complete inspection of the battery and cables. The holding capacity will be tested for the battery while voltage draw will be tested on the starter. The alternator’s output will also be tested to see if enough power is made when the car runs. The cold-crank capacity and surface charge will also be evaluated. This service discovers potential problems so you can act on it and address the issues before it doesn’t work. This can avoid the issue of your car not starting when you really need it.



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