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Having an oil change done on a regular basis is a small, but vital part of regular vehicle maintenance. If you believe it is time to have an oil change done, contact the trained technicians at Subaru Service Center at St. Louis. Most manufacturers recommend getting an oil and filter changed every 3,000-5,000 miles, but it is best to check the owner’s manual and your dealer to discover what works best for your vehicle. Engine oil maintains engine lubrication. All of the moving components of an engine, including pistons and valves, move at a high rate of speed. This causes heat, and those parts can wear down the engine significantly if there isn’t proper lubrication. Ignoring the issue will eventually cause significant damage and create high repair costs.

Besides providing cooling and lubrication to engine parts, there are a few other perks to having fresh oil. Dirt particles can get to the engine and create corrosion, which hinders an engine’s lifespan. Oil also eventually turns to sludge. Regular oil changes help to remove those issues. Improper oil lubrication can also cause an increase in fuel consumption, so having fresh oil can help save on gas overall. Dirty oil can also hurt a vehicle’s power and fuel economy, which will make the engine work harder. That will lead to the engine having more issues later on to go with a shorter lifespan. Oil changes can prevent those obstacles.



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