Mazda Differential Service


Differential Service in St. Louis, MO – Mazda service center St. Louis

All vehicles have differentials, which are part of the drivetrain system. Differentials help to take the wheel speed while making turns into the account. While turning the outer wheels have to travel a little further than the inside wheels, so each wheel must rotate and adjust at different speeds. The differential is key to this balance. Rear-wheel drive vehicles have at least one differential, while four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles have two. Differential service helps to stop unneeded wear and tear on drivetrain components.

Similar to transmission fluid for the transmission, differential fluid cools and lubricates the components inside the differential case. Also similar to your transmission, vehicles that are used for tougher tasks, such as hauling and towing, will require more maintenance. The vehicle could also face more stress if it faces extreme temperatures, extended idle times, or consistently have to face stop-and-go traffic.



When To Schedule Differential Service at St. Louis Mazda Service Center

Another key sign that the differential might need some work
is if it is making some noise.
The best way to know for sure is to get it looked at
by the trained professionals at the St. Louis Service Center.
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