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The exhaust system of your vehicle plays a crucial role in reducing emissions and keeping your car quiet. If your car puts out more noise or produces more emissions than normal, the Mazda Service Center can help with repairs. Many components make up the exhaust system, including the muffler, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter and exhaust manifold. If any of these components fail, it could reduce gas mileage, decrease performance and potentially cause health issues. If there are issues, bring your vehicle at St. Louis Mazda Service Center. One of the greatest and most common issues in an exhaust system is rust. Rust takes place when moisture stays in the pipelines and impacts the metal by starting corrosion over time. Eventually the rus can harm the pipes and cause gas leaks, which eventually hinders performance efficiency. Road salt, excess heat production and dust particle accumulation can also break down your exhaust system.

There are multiple issues that come with driving with a defective exhaust system. Loud noises could be produced while driving. Efficiency could also take a hit as it diverts exhaust fumes out of your engine. If you feel unusually drowsy when driving, this could be a sign that the fumes are making their way to the cabin interior through the vents. It’s a good idea to have your exhaust system evaluated by a professional at a Mazda Service Center in St. Louis. Several factors affect the overall cost to replace the exhaust system, such as vehicle model and make. The old system could be replaced by a whole new one or parts of one. Let the trained professionals at St. Louis Mazda Service Center help you determine the best route.



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