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The radiator is a vital part of your vehicle’s cooling system as it helps to keep engine temperature under control. If the radiator isn’t working properly, it could lead to engine overheat or even cause an engine breakdown. There are a few signs that a radiator repair is needed. If you get a warning from your display panel that the engine temperature has started to climb, this could be a clue that there is an issue with the radiator. While it could be a thermostat or low fluid issue, ignoring that issue could lead to more serious ones. The engine could overheat if a previous warning was ignored or if the engine suddenly started to put out steam from under the hood. A radiator issue is likely in either instance, and it would be best to let it cool off before getting it to the St. Louis Mazda Service Center right away. Checking to see what is happening under the hood once in a while is a good idea. While there, see if the radiator has any discoloration or rust. This could be a sign that a hose linked to the cooling apparatus isn’t working or the radiator has a leak. If there is a leak, radiator fluid will spray and hit hot engine components, which will “boil” quickly and leave discoloration spots, which then turn to rust. If you see these spots, a repair is needed.

If your radiator coolant levels decrease, your vehicle will warn you on your display, and it is best to listen to the warning. Let the trained professionals at Mazda Service Center St. Louis take a look and test for leaks. If there is any liquid under your car of a different color, such as pink, yellow, orange, red or green, then there is a radiator leak that needs to be treated immediately. While the hoses could be leaking, a service professional at St. Louis Mazda Service Center can test to see if the radiator itself is the issue. This issue should be treated immediately either way.



Discolored Coolant

A quick look at the coolant of the radiator’s system can also provide some answers.
If the coolant looks more brown or black, the radiator might need some work.
A thick, muddy texture will eventually develop from the coolant,
and if it isn’t fixed in a timely manner, could create costly transmission and engine problems.
Keeping an eye out for these signs can keep your radiator
in good condition and save you money in the long run.
Bring your vehicle to St. Louis Mazda Service Center for all of your radiator needs.