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If your vehicle has four-wheel or all-wheel drive, your vehicle has a transfer case. The transfer case divides power between the rear and front wheels. The transfer case is set up on the back of the transmission and utilizes driveshafts to deliver engine power to the rear and front axles. The transfer case is filled with fluid, and that fluid helps to keep parts of the transfer case lubricated, cool, and prevent wear and tear, which also includes corrosion prevention. When the transfer case is in motion, the gears and chain inside splash the fluid everywhere to keep the transfer case enclosed in fluid. While the fluid keeps the components cool and lubricated, the fluid itself deals with heat and friction, which eventually cause the fluid to lose its lubricating capabilities and break down. Around this time the fluid will become gritty and dark, and it will need to be changed. One visual sign that new transfer case fluid is needed is when the fluid turns into a dark and gritty color. Another sign is seeing that the transfer case fluid is low. One audible sign is that there could be some grinding or rattling underneath your vehicle. A milestone to start thinking about getting new transfer case fluid would be around the 30,000-mile mark. At that point it would be best to get new transfer case fluid. You might need to get new fluid sooner if you do a significant amount of towing or off-road driving.

If you put off getting new transfer case fluid, you could face some costly issues on the road and in the repair shop. Your vehicle could suffer a loss of control and suffer a breakdown, and the transfer case itself could get damaged, which will cost more to repair or replace compared to getting new fluid for the transfer case.



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